The Venezuela Project

Venezuelan Resources On-line
[Updated 12/30/03]

A Venezuela-specific resource page with links to a wide range of Venezuelan cultural, economic, educational, and political institutions and Internet publications of use to those interested in Venezuelan affairs. This on-going project serves as a growing resource for information, newspapers, institutions, foundations, publications and other Venezuela related sites and materials. The resource page focuses on locations originating from within Venezuela or representing Venezuelan institutions. It will expand to include resources in other countries for the study of Venezuela’s past and present.

Index of Microfilm Documents on the Process of Abolition of Slavery in Venezuela

An index to a variety of documents collected during the development of a project on the abolition of slavery in Venezuela.  The microfilm itself is on deposit at various libraries, and the index provides a guide to the materials covered.

Venezuela Bibliography Project

A selected bibliography of Venezuelan history that has long been out of print and of difficult access. The scholarly audience for such a volume is small and does not justify a reprinting, but because the original existed in machine-readable form, TheCenter could reconfigure the information and present it in an accessible format on-line.

Parishes of the Bishopric of Caracas, 1771-1838

Presentation of data on Venezuela’s late eighteenth and early nineteenth century population. Used as the basis for an earlier print publication that did not contain the entire data set because of the cost of publication, the version republished on the Internet, make the complete data set available to students and other researchers along with significant portions of the original text that analyzed the data.

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